Monday, April 04, 2005

New News

Newflash: Thin people overeat.

The word is in, from several reliable sources. In the past couple of month, several of my thin friends have talked about overeating. They do it too! These are people that often eat only half of a cookie or energy bar. They leave food on their plate. They eat dessert when they want to. They seem to have no food-related issues or problems. Yet they, too, overeat. My sister, for instance. Rail thin. Runner. Nurse. Casually mentioned one day that she ate an entire bag of trail mix when she usually only eats a handful. Another day, she ate a pint of ice cream. She often eats 2 candy bars for bfast even though she knows that she should eat a balance of protein and carbs. Another friend goes to restaurants by herself for the sole intention of eating whatever she want, by herself. She doesn't plan to overeat, but it happens anyway. Another will eat box of cereal in one sitting if she isn't careful.

If thin people overeat, why am I fat and they are not? Some of these aforementioned friends don't even exercise! Meanwhile, I am lifting for .5 hr a day and running for 1.5 hours. "No fair!," I exclaim as I cross my arms and stomp my foot.

But I know the truth. It IS fair. My version of overeating is different from their version. It might start off the same: more trailmix ingested than feels good. The crucial difference: whereas my sister recognizes the uncomfortable feeling of fullness and moves on, I obsess. I convince myself that I am doomed to fail. That I will never lose weight and will gain back everything I lost. The solution, at the time, seems clear: eat to feel better! I think this is why my new relaxed attitude towards eating (or not eating, as the case may be) works sometimes. That is, I freak out because I freak myself out. Lesson: don't take it all so seriously. Learned: The thin friends aren't trying to lose weight. I, theoretically, am. Thus, if I want to continue to lose weight I have to be more conscious about what I put into my mouth.


Trip report: nothing gained, nothing lost. I worked out consistently. Eating was sub-pare, but not horrible. Great Love #1 is still in town, so I can't focus as much as I would like on exercising and The Diet, though I was able to go for a long run yesterday. Ultimate trip report: I got the job! Having a summer job releases a lot of stress for me. Not easy to convince somebody to hire me at $15/hour for 3 months. Getting rid of this stress should ultimately, encourage Good Dieting Behavior.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger lainb said...

oh man, i know the feeling of eating a box of cereal before knowing it...there's something about cereal that makes it a trigger food for me...I try to avoid it except for on special occasions. Congrats on the job!!

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Kris said...

Great news about the job Liz! Congrats!


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