Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I practiced yoga yesterday. Oh, did I practice. Once I got past the fact that my belly now extends significantly more than it did the last time I practiced, I really enjoyed it. Opening up my body, slowly and cautiously, one sun salutation at a time. I moved through the poses slowly. Because I have to. And because I wanted to. I visualized each muscle releasing, I let tension out with each deep exhale. I made a primal kind of sound with each exhale. Amazing. I actually started crying on the mat. The crying started with a down dog, the kind of down dog in which your calf muscles finally unclench and your heels magically reach the floor. And then the crying started up again while in camel pose. After this most recent dating disaster, it felt challenging and wonderful to open my heart and chest to the sky.

Course, I topped off the night with the biggest chocolate chip cookie I have ever seen. But I consider it an accomplishment that I only had one cookie and not four.

I might lift a weight or two when I finish writing this entry.

I even stopped at the local gym to get membership information.

Another job-related hazard: can't drink as much water as I should because I can't leave the class to pee. Teachers only get to pee at lunch because kids can't be left unsupervised. I had no idea. They (we) deserve more money just for the lack of bathroom breaks.


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Mich said...

Which is why teachers are prime candidates for kidney stones, as my mentor teacher told me during student teaching last year.
Drink as much as you can and use those 5 minutes between classes for bathroom breaks. They _do_ give you time between classes, yes? Or is it from one to another with no break?

Glad to hear about the yoga, as well as the cookies staying in single digits. Can a vegetable be far behind? :-)

At 8:56 PM, Blogger M@rla said...

I have frequently cried during exercise, but I suspect it's not the same cause :P

But... it's surprising how our emotions are released at unexpected times. I listen to some "guided imagery" tapes sometimes (http://www.healthjourneys.com/), and one of the things she mentions is that you might find yourself having surprise emotional reactions. And, I do!


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