Friday, September 30, 2005


My mother wrote me an email asking if I could recommend a website about diet and exercise. I almost fell off my chair. Can I recommend A website? Jeez, where to begin? I've kept this blog, and indeed, my weight loss efforts very close to my chest this past year. I guess this email means two things: one, she notices that I've lost weight; two, she doesn't know how to type "weight loss" into a search engine. I gave her a lot of reference and assured her that the sampling I sent her was out of infinity. There are loads and loads of websites about losing weight. What I'm worried about is that she will find me. Well, I don't really care if she finds this site. What I do care about is the possible self-censoring that will occur. Having this space to really get down and dirty with what's happening in my head about weight, food, and working out (and getting feedback like a oh so needed mirror from ya'll) has been such a important part of this journey. I don't want to lose my rawness. Exposing the dark, rotten parts will help them dry and shrivel up.

A hearty hello and congratulations on great work to Finding Muscles! A new kid on the weight loss blog block.

Yesterday: run/walk. Legs are getting cranky. Time for a new pair of shoes.
This Morning: lifting (go shoulders!), walk. Saw spinning instructor at gym. Who berated me for not going to her class this morning. Is this ok? I feel good about leaving the apartment at all, let alone going to the gym. I do what I can, when I can. Back off, spinning lady.

Day two without late night sugar binges. Though cocktails and snacks were consumed after class last night. But they always are.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger lainb said...

do you think there's a high probability your mom could find your site? and if she did, would she really recognize it as you?

that's cool that she's come to you for advice though!! she must see some weight changes in you for sure. maybe you can both be a good support system for each other.


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