Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Whoops, this would be my blog, neglected. In general, I'm feeling really on top of taking care of myself. I've moved a lot this week, eaten well, and felt good. Wait a minute, actually my self esteem took a huge blow when I approached someone who flat out rejected me. Seeing as she knew nothing about me, I can only suppose that her rejection was due to my looks. Ouch. But up and on. With a date this evening.

Saturday: ran 9ish miles, lifted in the evening. Gym was packed. Who knew that Saturday night at the gym is the place to be?

Sunday: ran 9ish miles. With lots of walking breaks. But it was such great weather, I wanted to be outside. Light, light yoga in the evening. Regular class was cancelled. About 1/2 hour.

Monday: lifting, spinning. Great class, legs felt rested after easy run on Sunday

Tuesday: ran 1 hr. Lungs hurt from ridiculous cold. Yoga.*

Wednesday: spinning, light lifting, no shoulders*

*By "yoga" I do not refer to my usual yoga practice. We did 108 sun salutations for Yoga Mala (a fundraising class). 108 sun salutations. We usually do, oh, 10. 108. In traditional Ashtanga practice, one is supposed to do a salutations only practice around the new moon and solstices because the practice is supposed to produce deep meditation, release (emotional and physical) toxins, and, if you are lucky, make the practitioner hallucinate. I slipped into a deep meditative state and brought to the surface (and worked through) a lot of physical and emotional pain. But, damn, no hallucinations. The class was packed at the start. *Two* *hours* later there were 4 of us left. I am so glad I got through it. Most studios, in my short and ill-informed experience, do not offer these classes. But, oh, how worth it.

I will, however, be sore for the rest of my life. Consequently, I did not lift shoulders today.


At 3:35 AM, Blogger JuliaMazal said...

Hey, made my way here from Maspik Teruzim. You're just as inspirational as my sis. This is perhaps inappropriate, but I wanted to remind you that a rejection may very well NOT stem from _looks_! Think of all the reasons you might reject someone. Might be pursuing someone else, might be getting over previous relationship, might want to be single for a while. There are a hundred reasons you might turn someone down, and they're not necessarily about looks. And even if it is about looks, well, people change and their perceptions change. She might be more receptive some day in the future... when you'll prob. be in a relationship! Ok, that's a really long ramble. I apologize. Hope your date was awesomely fun.


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