Monday, February 06, 2006


To run, or not to run, is no longer the question. The question, like all good questions, presupposes and anticipates the answer. The answer is a most resounding and forceful NO. No running this week either. I think I'm looking at a solid month of recovery.

To be clear, this SUCKS.

So I didn't run at all last week. Even though I wanted to. Even though I am stressed and sad and antsy. I didn't run. And what I feared most happened. As I lost my running focus, I lost all other focus. I only went to the gym once last week.

This will change. I have to dedicate myself to activity, no matter what form this takes. Even though running is my one true love. I might have lost my true love for a month, but losing it doesn't mean that I can't date around and see what else is out there. Spinning, 4x per week. And I will try cross-training on the elliptical and see how the foot does.

Unfortunately, I haven't practiced yoga in about a month. My foot just couldn't support me without the help of my orthopedics. BUT! The good news is that I went to yoga last night! It was so super super great. The class was so warm and receiving and it turns out that most of the women there are ex-runners or forever injured runners. We did a little series of postures in honor of my foot. And I cried with our closing meditation. The foot was sore and burning last night, but was pain-free this morning.

I need moderation. I need to *ease* back into everything. My tendency is to throw myself into activity. I love it and it makes me really happy. Hence, a plan.

Sunday: spinning and yoga
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: spinning, lifting upper body, *easy* yoga at home
Tuesday/Thursday: try cross training, lift legs, pilates
Saturday: rest

I will stretch and massage my foot before getting out of bed. I will ice it. I *will* fight my way back to running health.

I can't imagine life without running. So while I anticipate not being able to run for a month, I can't fully grasp that concept. I'm taking it week by week.

This injury has me (not) running scared. Sometimes it is sore. Sometimes it tingles. Sometimes is *burns*. I really need to see a doctor. But I have the shittest of shitty health insurance. No, really, mines is worse. I'm a graduate student at a Catholic university. You do the math. I can't imagine how I could pay for all the care this foot would require. I could ask my parents. But I really don't want them to support me.

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I need them! I'm not posting here very often. I'm feeling exposed and am going through some major head banging changes. I am, however, reading everybody's blog. Even if I don't comment that often.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger Running Chick said...

you are smart to focus on the future...resting today means running tomorrow. and i can empathize completely with you on how hard it is to not run. you're not alone sister!


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